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Thank You Very Mulch

Mulching is important, conserving time and labor. An annual application of a 8 cm (3 inch) layer of shredded hardwood bark mulch will conserve moisture and reduce weed growth. It also protects plants from heaving in winter’s freeze and thaw cycles. Mulch moderates soil temperature, reduces slope erosion and, last but not least, gives garden beds a consistent and well-groomed look.

Be careful not to smother the plants; mulch around but not on plant crowns. Before or immediately after applying mulch, soak it thoroughly before planting. Dry mulch draws moisture from plant tissues. Check mulched beds and borders regularly to make sure that the soil under the mulch is moist. Over time, mulch decays and adds organic matter to the soil. Add additional mulch as needed. Apply mulch when planting new gardens and annually in the fall after the first frost.